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2011-07-20 Calgary Real Wall-e Robot

I thoroughly enjoyed building this robot. I really needed a break from all of the programming I've been doing for everyone else lately. So I finally made time to set the afternoon aside to build this Wall-E.

He's not just any ordinary Wall-E (if there was an ordinary Wall-E?) Hmmm. Anyway! He's a pretty smart cookie. Watch the video and see what I mean...

This Wall-E was built from a plastic toy called The U-Command Wall-E. I've added modified servos for the tracks and standard servos for the arms and neck. His head is unique and moves in 2 dimensions. There is a camera in his eye which tracks motion, color or human faces. He runs autonomous and explores, or listens to voice commands. He also has a wireless joystick in case he needs help getting out of trouble. The brain of this Wall-E is the EZ-B Robot controller. The software is the EZ-Builder Robot Control Software.

The EZ-Builder Project can be downloaded from his profile page on the EZ-Robot Website here.

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