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Welcome to the personal blog website of Canadian Roboticist DJ Sures...
Also programmer, musician, motor enthusiast and downhill mountain biker.
This is DJ's home on the internet. Here you will find his projects, robots, mp3's, blog, photos and resources that take a peek into his life.

"There are only 10 types of people in the world... Those who understand binary, and those who don't."
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[DIR] Music Used In Podcast
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[DIR] Condiment Collection

Latest Blog Entries
[DIR] 2012-03-08 Calgary Telus Spark Science Centre and Robots - I was asked to present at Telus Spark S...
[DIR] 2012-03-05 Calgary Biped - I started working on a biped this past weekend. I had a headcold too! W...
[DIR] 2012-02-18 Calgary Brookstone Rover - I came across this brookstone rover! What a neat little toy,...
[DIR] 2012-02-01 Calgary Canada Post Issues - I have been trying to use Canada Post for our delivery ser...
[DIR] 2012-01-03 Calgary Wall-e Robot on Instructables - has been a great supporter of...
[DIR] 2011-12-24 Calgary Eclipse Broken - I'd like to know what IDE is used at Google or any advanced An...
[DIR] 2011-12-05 Calgary Personal Robot Omnibot 2000 - I built a new robot today with my EZ-Robot Kit th...
[DIR] 2011-12-04 Calgary Wii Remote Controlled Robots - I've been on a roll this weekend! Today I was cl...
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Latest Reviews
[DIR] Micro Men - A documentary about Clive Sinclair and the rise of the British home computer. It was filmed...
[DIR] Triumph Of The Nerds - A slow but interesting documentary. It was filmed during the downturn of Apple. ...
[DIR] Steve Jobs Documentary - Seems like an appropiate time to watch this documentary. It compliments Pirate...
[DIR] BBC - Dream Machines - Giant Brains - I usually just say "Hey, watch any bbc documentary because they'r...
[DIR] BBC - Time Masters - Another good BBC documentary. No need to write much, just watch it....
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Links Of Interest
[DIR] Retr0bright - I came across this recipe for Retr0Bright. Its a mixture you throw together to clean the ...
[DIR] LHC Update - This is good news. It has been pretty quiet from the LHC lately. They launched with big ex...
[DIR] The Old Robots - I stumbled across this website today. What a great find! It is too bad that I won't ow...
[DIR] 2012 Ford Focus ST - Looks like I'm going to have to make room for another car! So many North Americans...
[DIR] Deadly Games - I really want to watch this show! But I can't seem to find it anywhere. Looks cheesy and...
[DIR] Captain Z-RO! - This was an old black and white TV Show about a time travelling dude. I'm glad to see Y...
[DIR] I'm made to get down - Sex robot Sex robot. Sex robot Sex robot. La la la la la la!...
[DIR] Sock Robot - I really want to be impressed to these programmers, but I could not help but laugh at this...
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Most Popular Music Albums
[dir] Tubes - Tech Trance/House (2010 - In Progress)
[dir] A digital twist - Tech House (2010)
[dir] Circuit tree - electro (2009)
[dir] Resonanz korper - electro (2007)
[dir] Parallel processor - electro (2008)
[dir] Photons and plastic - electro (2008)
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